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UCS Forfeits 2011 State Title & All Wins

PRESS RELEASE: January 23, 2012

Approximately six weeks ago, Unity Christian School began an internal investigation into the eligibility of two players from the recent ICSGA State Championship football team. The question of home school eligibility came to light as a result of a conversation with a coach from another league school. Lead by Headmaster, Glenn Getchell and the UCS Board of Directors the findings warranted self-reporting a potential violation of the home-school student eligibility guidelines as stated in the ICSGA policy manual. Mr. Getchell and Athletic Director Joe Curtiss traveled to ICSGA league offices on January 4, 2012 to confer with the executive board regarding the possible violation. Following is the body of the response from the ICSGA Executive Board meeting with UCS officials as written by league founder, Ron McCurry:

Dear Glenn and Joe,

First, I wanted to thank both of you for the opportunity to meet concerning the present situation. Your willingness to meet and discuss the details of a very difficult situation is greatly appreciated. The following is the official response and findings from the ICSGA Board members:

The ICSGA finds that there was no 'intentional intent of cheating' in using two athletes that were not eligible to participate in football during the 2011 football season. Although we believe it was an honest mistake, we also believe that the Athletic Director should have taken greater care to make certain that all athletes meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the ICSGA Guidebook. Administrators and/or Principals also sign statements at the beginning of a new athletic year stating that they will make certain that the athletic director, coaches, fans, and others will follow all ICSGA guidelines.

The consequences of using athletes that do not meet eligibility requirements is that Unity Christian will forfeit all games in which the athletes participated including the playoffs and State Championship Game. The Board also determined that since the State Championship is being vacated, there will be no 2A State Champion for 2011. We also request that the State Championship banner and trophies be returned as soon as possible.

As we stated in our meeting with you, we appreciate your willingness to 'self report' this violation as soon as you thought there may be a possible violation. We also appreciate your willingness to do the right thing in this situation while dealing with your own parents, fans, and the media as well as the other member schools.

We will be in touch within the next few weeks to determine a plan of action as to how we want to deal with the situation with the other member schools in the May meeting.

Again, thank you for all you have done to bring this very difficult situation to a final conclusion.


Ron McCurry


Unity Christian School stands on a foundation of biblical truth. Students are taught that truth and honesty are character traits that should be applied in all of life's circumstances, regardless of the consequences. This infraction could have easily been ignored as there was not a formal allegation levied against UCS. However, the ideals connected to truth an honesty override State Championships and reporting the infraction was never a question. Expectedly, the 2011 members of the UCS football team, cheerleaders, parents, fans, faculty, staff, administration and the Board of Directors are disappointed by this situation. So much hard work and determination was displayed by the young men who so valiantly fought through much adversity since the inception of the football program in 2008. Many only dreamed that a State Championship would be attained in such a short period of time, and to have it taken away has been difficult. The football team is putting this behind them at this point and focusing on getting ready for next season. With new lessons learned both on and off the field, the football team is poised to build on the success experienced this past season.We are also very cognizant of the incredible support we received this season by the local community. Building an football program is certainly a difficult prospect that can't be done without the support of our families and friends. To those who have been so gracious in welcoming this young football program into the community we are deeply saddened that you have been disappointed too. We will set out from this point to rebuild trust and hope that you will continue to support Unity Christian School as we move into the future.

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