Wireless Carrier E-mail to Text Tool

Welcome to - Did you know that you can send text (SMS) messages to mobile users through e-mail? Well, if you're not aware, you can send FREE text messages to mobile devices using your standard e-mail service by using the recipient's carrier e-mail protocol. Sending text messages by e-mail can prevent you from depleting your text message limit & save money charged for sending them, if applicable. To send a text message to a mobile number via e-mail, just choose the user's carrier protocol below and substitute their seven digit number before the @ symbol and send your message to them as a standard e-mail using any e-mail service as you would with any other e-mail address. Another benefit of sending a text message as an e-mail whether it's sent from a PC or your phone while using an e-mail service is that your mobile number will not be revealed! To get the perfect text character count every time, click here.

NOTE: It is recommended to use PLAIN TEXT and not HTML formatting for the e-mail's text. HTML is usually the default format but is easily changed in your e-mail's display or compose settings

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Metro PCS:
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Straight Talk: Uses Verizon, At&t & Sprint which are randomly assigned between carriers so try all if one does not work
Page Plus: Uses Verizon's network >>
Net 10: Uses At&t's network >>