Text Character Counter & Limiter Tool

Did you ever wonder how RFN sends perfectly composed mobile text alerts that aren't cut off or sent in split messages? Well, if you're not aware, you can send FREE text messages to mobile devices using your standard e-mail service by using the recipient's carrier e-mail protocol (see list below). Sending text messages by e-mail can prevent you from depleting your text message limit & save money charged for sending them. See more info below the tool.

Some carriers provide a portal on their website for you to send text messages to mobile devices directly from your PC without using e-mail. However, their portals may be limited to 140 characters or less due to the carriers' embedded non-removable signature that uses up the first 20 or more of the total 160 character limit for their custom tag such as, "This message sent using ABC Wireless!". Who needs that? So, to help you compose a text message that can use the full 160 characters without going over, RFN has provided a FREE text character counter and limiter tool that will not only show you how many characters are left to use, but will also stop at exactly 160 characters to ensure a perfect character limited message every time. This tool does NOT record or monitor your composed messages because it is simply a character counter and NOT a submission form. To submit the message that you compose with the tool, simply highlight then copy (Ctrl+c keys) and paste the text from the field below into the body of your own e-mail service LEAVING THE SUBJECT LINE BLANK and send that message to the recipient's mobile device using the carrier e-mail protocols below. Did you find this tool helpful? Let RFN know >> comments - This tool works on PCs using IE & Firefox but has not been tested on phones, tablets or Apple's Safari yet but it may work.
                                                                                           Leave the SUBJECT LINE blank in your e-mail message because it uses characters 
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NOTE: It is recommended to use PLAIN TEXT and not HTML formatting for the e-mail's text. HTML is usually the default format but is easily changed in the display or compose settings.

Sending text messages by e-mail can prevent you from depleting your text message limit & save money charged for sending them. It can also allow you to send text messages to others if you don't use texting on your mobile device. Have you ever received a split text message? Well, the reason is because most carriers only allow 160 characters to be sent per text message and if you go over just one or more characters, an additional text message will usually be sent to complete the entire message. This means the carrier will charge the sender AND the recipient for an additional text message even though it was the tail end of the original message. This may not be an issue if the recipient has a large or unlimited plan but not everybody does. It should be noted that some newer phones will allow text messages that exceed the 160 character limit to be sent without splitting messages no matter what the carriers' limits may be. However, the sending and receiving devices must both support that feature in order to prevent additional split message charges. Check with your carrier about devices that support that feature.