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Suspected or Known Malfunctioning Traffic Signals in Rome & Floyd County?

Rome, Ga.  Click here for related story. How many times have you been sitting at a red light downtown or in the county somewhere and it seemed like an eternity for it to change? How about when that green arrow is lit when there is NO-ONE in the turn lane on the opposite side of the intersection but you have to wait for it to cycle anyway?! How about having to stop for a red light when there's NO traffic visible from either side street at that intersection? How many times has any of that happened and you didn't know who to contact to get it fixed? Well now you do. If you suspect or know that a traffic signal in Rome is malfunctioning due to excessive wait times, untriggered turn arrows or not changing at all, the Rome city electrical department would like to know about it but they can't fix what they're not aware of.

If you see or suspect a malfunctioning traffic signal you can report it by calling 706.236.4466 or on-line at the link below:


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