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New Traffic Signal Camera Sensors

Rome, Ga. Click here for related story. GDOT has plans to install optical sensors at two more intersections that are part of the U.S. 27 roadway widening project. The intersections include Martha Berry Blvd at North Fifth Avenue and Martha Berry Blvd at John Davenport Dr.
The cameras in the images above may look like video cameras but they are actually optical sensors that detect when traffic is present near the stop lines of the intersection. They are supposed to replace the older technology using sensor loops (image) that are embedded into the pavement to detect cars. According to the Rome electrical department, these loops are very susceptible to damage over time because of heavy traffic and large trucks that continually shift the pavement from tons of pressure as they come to a stop at the lights. These new sensors are being used at the intersection on Martha Berry Blvd (Aerial Image) at the new post office and the newly placed traffic signals on Broad St at Riverside Pkwy (aerial image). That's right, yet another red light on Broad St.

If you see or suspect a malfunctioning traffic signal you can report it by calling 706.236.4466 or on-line at the link below:


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