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Local Fraud & Scam Alerts

Check this page periodically for any new info about local fraud, scams & abuse activity

  • PHONE BILL SCAM (Late Jamuary 2017) If someone calls you claiming to be collecting your bill from At&t, it may be a scam. The caller will state that your power will be shut off if you do not immediately pay your bill with a MoneyPak prepaid card.

    The caller will then give you a number to call when you have purchased the card. A recorded message will answer at that number that is identical to the At&t recording you may have heard at their real number.

    Do not fall for this recording. At&t will not call you & ask you to purchase prepaid card for payment.

  • JURY SUMMONS SCAM (Early Jamuary 2017) Local law enforcement want to remind the public that official court & government notices will never be delivered by telephone.

    If you happen to ever miss court, law enforcement can guarantee that the court will never ask you to send money electronically, by telephone, or with a gift card.

    FCPD & FCSO authorities receive complaints from worried citizens who are concerned about phone calls advising that they've missed jury duty & they will be arrested or fined. Law enforcement will never telephone the public in this manner.

    We encourage callers to use common sense & trust their intuition about random callers reaching out demanding money. Second, if you ever suspect that it's possible you missed court, you can verify the information with the Floyd County jury management office at 706.291.5193 or visit their office at 3 Government Plaza, Suite 100.

    It is not uncommon for calls to drop names of jail officials or court officials in an attempt to make the hoax appear more legitimate. As with any official notice from the court or government, attempts to notify you will be made through official mailings.

    If you are concerned that your information is incorrect we encourage you to contact Jury Management.
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