The following info applies to live and on-demand mobile video. When you see a video link indicating LIVE content on the RFN mobile homepage, you will be able to view LIVE video on your mobile device. Some mobile device browsers cache or store pages in memory for faster loading on the next visit. So, if RFN mobile text, images or video content doesn't seem to be recent or the live link is not displayed, simply use your device's menu to refresh the screen. Although rare, on the first try if the video produces an error, close the player and try again. Most recent mobile devices such as Blackberries, iPhones, Droids, HTCs, Motorola & iPad tablets and most other Windows Media compatible mobile devices are able to view RFN LIVE and on-demand mobile video. Of course you can always view RFN's live and on-demand video on a PC at - Stay tuned!
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