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JQC Complaint Letter & Comedy Video Re-enactment

A Judicial Qualifications Commission complaint letter recently obtained by RFN & displayed below, recalls Floyd Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham's questionable behavior in a courtroom as he engaged a mouthy inmate in a rather long & heated conversation filled with extreme profanity along with the judge's own admissions of his actions & the commission's acknowledgement of them back in June of 2016. An accused Floyd jail murderer threatened to kill the judge's family prompting a lengthy, heated & rather profane exchange between the two while still in the courtroom. News agencies from around the world reported on & posted excerpts of the colorful transcript but a recently posted Youtube video with 100K+ views, produced by a comedy team, went a step further & re-enacts the entire transcript with the heat starting around the 3:00 minute mark. See that video below & see the >> JQC COMPLAINT LETTER | >> COURT TRANSCRIPT (.PDF) & see the >> RNT BACKSTORY


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