Rome Christmas Parade Video

This is where you can view video from a decade of Rome Christmas Parades. RFN removed all of the spaces so it's nonstop parade content in the selections below. Click here for more parade information.

If you or anyone you know could not attend and missed the LIVE video webcast, the ENTIRE parade video is available on-demand below on a PC & on a mobile device at RealFastNews.MOBi - FOR THE 2011-13 PARADES' VIDEO, use the player's slider to skip around in realtime for your favorite part(s).

Santa's REAL Reindeer Visit Rome   PLAY 
Clydesdale horses being prepped for  
transport after Christmas parade
Rome Christmas Parade Promo PLAY 
2001 Rome Christmas Parade coming soon 
2002 Rome Christmas Parade coming soon 
2008 Rome Christmas Parade   PLAY 1 
 PLAY 2 
2009 Rome Christmas Parade PLAY 
2010 Rome Christmas Parade PLAY 
2011 Rome Christmas Parade PLAY 
2012 Rome Christmas Parade PLAY 
2013 Rome Christmas Parade PLAY 


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