1993 Storm of the Century

Task Force Snow Storm EMA OperationsTask Force Snow Storm EMA Operations

1993 Blizzard Task Force >> Promo Video featuring Floyd EMA rescue operations. View full stranded & residential webisodes above.

As seen in the Task Force webisode above, the EMA SUV got stuck on a side road off of 411 East about 2-3 miles outside of town with just a few hours before nightfall and we were NOT properly dressed to endure those temperatures overnight. Luckily, we managed to flag down someone who was traveling towards town on 411 and we were able to make it back safely. We then traveled to a home in West Rome to check on an elderly woman who lived alone, was on oxygen and had no power. These were just two of the countless calls that these two and many other Rome/Floyd emergency services personnel made to assist those in need during the Storm of the Century.

In addition to other cities, video shot the night the snow began falling in Rome / Floyd county was provided by the current owner/operator of RFN for a locally produced reality show called Task Force that aired on Rome's local cable channel. The National Geographic documentary below uses video footage from Task Force and Atlanta's WAGA which was a CBS affiliate at that time. WAGA's satellite truck got stranded in Rome so they used some of the content shot for Task Force to supplement what they may have shot themselves to air on their newscasts from Atlanta while covering the storm. Several years later, the Natational Geographic documentary below was produced and footage from Task Force and WAGA was again used to show various scenes in Rome before, the night of and shortly after the storm began.

NOTE: See the shot list below for local police, 911 Operators and EMA crews that you may recognize in the documentary video below.

View the 1993 post blizzard WAGA (CBS) >> Promo Video featuring three Romans at the end.

The video selection above is a dramatic, detailed hour long documentary featuring events from different parts of the country including many shots from Rome just before, during and shortly after the Blizzard of 1993 that was later called the Storm of the Century. It follows several storylines showing how the storm affected those in various locations. The video was produced by the National Geographic Channel back in 1998 which aired on their channel, PBS and The Weather Channel in the early 2000s. It was recently discovered on-line in its entirety on a free video sharing website called Hulu. If you watch the entire video non-stop, there are six commercial breaks (indicated by dots) in the player's timeline.

Below is a quick reference with timeline markers so you will know when to look for familiar faces and locations in Rome. The time counter is located at the bottom left of the player. View the full webisode of Task Force above showing Rome / Floyd Police & EMA crews driving through the 1-2 ft snowfall rescuing and checking the wellbeing of trapped and isolated citizens.

2:45 >> FCPD police car (Task Force content)

15:33 >> RCPD Greg Nichols at Midtown Crossing (WAGA content)

18:50 >> FCPD Mark Corbin on 411 East (Task Force content)

18:56 >> FCPD Sgt. Treglown, another FCPD officer, & citizen cutting trees on Kingston Hwy (293) near Ga Bypass still under construction (Task Force content)

33:47 >> Floyd 911 Operations / Multiple Operators (WAGA content)