Anonymous Crime Tips Can Solve Crimes

Rome, Ga. -  In a continuing effort to curtail crime in Rome and Floyd County, the City and County Police Departments along with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office have joined together to promote a new and improved anonymous Crime Line.

"The Floyd County Police Department wants to encourage all citizens to use our anonymous Crime Line," said Floyd County Police Chief Bill Shiflett. "This is a great tool in the fight against personal and property crimes. It is free and anonymous and, in the past, has been key in several investigations. Every community or neighborhood experiences some sort of crime—and even the smallest nuisance can be deterred with this help of neighbors calling and reporting those activities."

706-236-5000 is the number for citizens to call when a crime is committed and they have information that may lead to its solution. This line is manned 24 hours a day and seven days each week. This line has been available for several years but calls in to the line were previously recorded by an answering machine.

Steps have been taken to man the line with live operators through E911 dispatch. The operators do not see the number of who is calling in and they cannot record their location as they would a typical 911 caller. This is truly an anonymous Crime Line.

"Anytime we have the opportunity to get input from our citizens about criminal activity, it gives local law enforcement another resource, and the community will ultimately benefit," said Tom Caldwell, Chief Deputy of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. "One call can be the difference in an arrest and prosecution."

Hubert Smith, City of Rome Police Chief added, "We have had success from this line solving a variety of crimes. Tips have led to the arrest of drug dealers, solved vandalism cases, and brought attention to areas of our community where crimes occur. The enhanced awareness of the Crime Line will ultimately help the police departments partner with citizens to stop crime."

In addition to the Crime Line, citizens may fill out a form on the web to report crimes.

The form is located at: along with more information.


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