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PHS Principal Work PC & Phone Seizure & Content Investigation

UPDATE 2: See evidence pictures & the original story info further below. Although the GBI report mentions their investigation referencing suspected child pornography, as stated in the earlier report further below, no illegal content was found & therefore no charges were filed against the, now former, Pepperell High School principal, Phil Ray. But, that does not mean that a Floyd Board of Education policy was not violated. When RFN asked the school system's PIO, Tim Hensley, if ANY downloaded or browser history containing illicit adult or any other policy-violating content was found on the PC or phone by the school system, he replied with, "the school system can't legally comment on a personnel matter". So, as RFN stated earlier, even though no illegal content was found by the GBI, the question still remains why the BOE would request a search of Ray's work PC & phone. Also in question is why there would be such a quick move to retirement with this knowledge of searching the equipment prior to his departure. SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW GBI REPORT DETAILS & 5 EVIDENCE PICTURES

GBI NARRATIVE: On Thursday, April 21, 2016, SPECIAL AGENT JAMES HARRIS was requested by the FLOYD COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT to conduct a forensic extraction investigation on the below electronic device(s) provided to S/A HARRIS by DETECTIVE OJILVIA LOM.

On Friday, April 22, 2016, S/A HARRIS utilized the below listed forensic system(s) to obtain electronic media information from the below described device(s). The extraction was being performed in reference to a child pornography investigation. The below items are the property of the FLOYD COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM. According to DETECTIVE LOM, verbal consent had been given by school administration to search the devices.

Mobile Device Info:

Make: Apple

Model: iPhone 6

Carrier: Verizon

Serial Number: FFMR4TEZG5MC


Cell Number: 706.***.**** (REMOVED BY RFN)

Time/Date on Device: Auto-Correct

Device Condition: Appears normal

Forensic Software Used: Cellebrite Advanced Logical

Airplane Mode: On when received by SA HARRIS

Memory of device: 16 GB

Passcode/Pattern: None

Name of device: “Pray's iPhone”

GBI Bar Code: BB09189

Assisted Agency Case #: Unknown

PC Device Information:

Make: Dell desk top

Model: DCNE1F


Condition of device: Appears normal

GBI Property Tag#: BB09188

Hard Drive Information:

Make: Western Digital

Model: WD10EZEX

S/N: WCC3F5780236

Size: 1 TB

On Friday, April 22, 2016 S/A HARRIS performed the following procedures on the device(s) prior to examining the device:

- Photographs taken of device.

- The hard drive was located and removed.

- A Tableau eSATA Forensic Bridge Model T35U was used as a write blocker.

- Device was examined using a Dell Precision 7710 forensic laptop.

- EnCase Version 7.10. Forensic software and IEF Forensic software was used to extract suspected evidence and/or information.

- All information obtained during the examination was transferred to an external hard drive that was provided by the requesting agency. Nothing of evidentiary value was noted by SA HARRIS. No further assistance was required of S/A HARRIS.

If you were wondering why NOT ONE of the other local media sources even mentioned the seizure of the former principal's work PC & phone, RFN may have the answer. When this was reported by RFN, the American Bald Ego (Mr Hometown Headlines) chose instead to talk about free chicken sandwiches at CFA (an HTH sponsor) & when it's not 'new' CFA milkshake flavors or drive-thru count contests, it's endless canned press releases about his sponsors, 'affluent' friends & other ripped off content. But this time, the reason was probably more specific to the following as posted on his site just before this seizure story hit describing Mr Ray as "... a frequent guest on Hometown Headlines Radio Edition on WRGA" which could also explain why RGA didn't say one word about it because afterall, they are 'strategic' partners. Neither can afford to be 'investigating' their "frequent" radio show guests who are also probably friends of or actual paying sponsors, a GREAT example as to how the local lapdog, pay-to-play media game works & why many things go unreported. As for RNT, they were likely promoting another selfie contest or upset because they don't like to be second or last to report something with a recent exception of them being last to report the closure of Rome's K-mart store, with RFN being first. However, there's no telling why they did not even touch this story. Of course there were negative feedback comments made about how this was a non-story but according to the RFN FB screenshot below, apparently nearly ELEVEN thousand people thought it was newsworthy along with a few more thousand on RFN's main site. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE 5 EVIDENCE PICTURES

EARLIER >> According to an FCPD investigative report obtained by RFN on 4.24.16, the work computer of recently retired Pepperell High Principal Phil Ray was seized by police & turned over to the GBI's child exploitation & computer crimes unit after a request by the Floyd Board of Education. FCPD lead investigator Maj Jeff Jones confirmed to RFN that Ray's work phone had also been seized which was not included in the report filed by FCPD Investigator Ojilvia Lom. FCPD Deputy Chief, Mark Wallace, confirmed that FCPD had possession of the PC & phone within 2 hrs of being notified by the BOE.

In the brief report, Lom stated, "On 4.21.16, Knox Wilson, at 600 Riverside Pkwy, stated that a computer might have innappropriate material that could possibly be illegal. After the complainant requested that we view the computer as a precaution measure, the computer was taken into custody & forensically previewed. During the exam, there was no material that was considered illegal or criminal."

FCPD has stated that this incident is considered closed unless new information is revealed. But even though no illegal content was found, the question still remains why the BOE would request a search of Ray's work PC & phone. Also in question is why there would be such a quick move to retirement with this knowledge of searching the equipment prior to his retirement.

PRIOR TO SEIZURE DISCOVERY >> FBOE Official, Tim Hensley, confirmed to RFN that Pepperell High School's principal of 15 yrs, Phil Ray, was resigning due to medical issues from ankle surgery making it difficult to walk & drive.

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