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RNT to Edit Jail Reports by Request

Well, well. The process of the Rome newspaper now offering to edit public records by request is indicative of yet another sign of their struggle to survive by pandering to complaints to remove the records of those later found not guilty after an arrest as stated in this statement, "We'll remove the arrest posting of anyone who brings us court papers saying not guilty or nolle prosse". What RNT does not mention is that the person requesting the documents required by RNT will be charged by the court records office to get them. RNT or any entity that posts jail reports also cannot directly charge anyone to remove a report because that is illegal. If RNT is willing to edit these records, what is next on their list?

Although highly speculative, RNT's offer could be a way to prevent losing even more paid subscriptions by affected customers in addition to the many others that are jumping from RNT's sinking ship. Years ago, RNT deactivated the comments section of their jail report pages because they were too lazy & broke to monitor & moderate (censor) them effectively. So now they're going to create even more work for themselves by managing the deluge of jail report removal requests & cannot charge for that as noted above. It should be noted that one of RFN's companion sites - - has also received several requests over the years to remove individual jail reports for various reasons but has not because they are public records & there is no legal obligation. Floyd Fugitives & all the others that post the reports have only been ordered once by the FCSO to remove a listing because it was court ordered as restricted.

And while on the subject, RNT has stated on their jail report pages for years, "The Floyd County Jail releases arrest reports twice a day - 8A & 8P". No, they don't. RNT may post them twice a day but the jail is not bound to that schedule. The jail reports are sent out with an automated system & can be released as often as needed for each recipient separately or all together but RNT only posts them twice daily & the reports are actually first sent out at 4A each morning, not 8A as they say. Some robotic child intern probably wrote that on their jail report page years ago & all the subsequent interns have just copied & pasted it as a template without question since then. RNT absolutely believes that everybody lives by what they say & unfortunately, some do. To get daily jail reports along with all past reports over several years & other local crime info, on a PC go to

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