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FCPD Arrests for Burglaries & Car Chase Incident

MEDIA RELEASE: On 3.4.14 at approximately 10:40A, FCPD responded to a Freeman Ferry Rd address after Rome Police discovered a prescription bottle with the address on the bottle along with other items that included firearms and jewelry. During the search of the vehicle involved in the chase Officers discovered suspected methamphetamines, suspected marijuana, and multiple prescription pills. When Floyd County Officers arrived they discovered that the residence had been burglarized, officers were able to contact the homeowner and took a report from the homeowner. The homeowner reported several firearms, jewelry and medication missing. Most items reported missing were recovered and returned to the owner later in day. During the investigation it was discovered that Scotty Craig, James Ray, Michael Arp and Dustin Ballard were the occupants of the vehicle.

At approximately 2:00P, FCPD Officers responded to an address on Reynolds Bend Rd regarding a burglary. While taking the report, it was discovered that the items reported stolen fit the description of items recovered earlier in the day from the car chase that ended at the Country Inn Suites on Hwy 411. The items included a firearm, jewelry and electronics.

The listed subjects were charged with two counts of Burglary. During the investigation FCPD Officers were able to solve three Entering Auto cases Dustin Ballard was charged with two counts of Entering Auto and James Ray was charged with three counts of Entering Auto in addition to the other charges. Scotty Craig and James Ray were also charged with multiple drug charges.

The investigation is still ongoing. If anyone has further information contact Floyd County Police Department at 706.235.7766

BACKSTORY: It started late in the morning & according to RCPD Sgt Rusty Blair, an RCPD K9 unit was training at the soccer fields on the loop & got a call to track fleeing suspects involved in a reported burglary on Maple Ave in South Rome. As he pulled out of the field area & onto the loop with lights & siren, a car already on the loop began to dramatically increase its speed which caught the attention of the officer so he attempted to stop that car to find out why. It then progressed into an ongoing chase where the car eventually fled into the lot of the Country Inn & Suites on 411 E where three male occupants bailed out & fled on foot into the woods behind the motel. After searching the car's contents, RCPD found various firearms, jewelry, prescription medication bottles, etc, some of which displayed the owner's name. RCPD then notified FCPD to check the residence in the 100 block of Freeman Ferry Rd & a responding FCPD officer confirmed that an open door was found along with an assortment of items scattered everywhere. Sgt Blair noted that if the Freeman Ferry suspects had not panicked & just yielded for the responding RCPD car heading to the S Rome burglary, they may never have been caught, at least not until later. About 3 hrs later, one suspect was in custody & the search for the remaining suspects continued in the area around Dodd Blvd & all nearby roads & neighborhoods.

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