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Burglary Suspect Flees Then Steals FCPD Car

MEDIA RELEASE: On January 13, 2014 at approximately 4:39P Floyd County Patrol Division was dispatched to a possible Burglary in Progress at a residence on Walker Mtn Rd. Prior to the officers arrival a citizen notified 911 that the suspect had left the residence on an ATV travelling toward Nowak Rd. Officers responded to that area and found that the suspect had abandoned the ATV and ran into a wooded area off of Nowak Rd. Officer Shea Hovers took chase on foot into the wooded area after the suspect, however, the suspect was able to double back and gain access to Officer Hovers Patrol Vehicle. The suspect then drove away in the patrol vehicle. Sgt. Chase Burnes was responding to the scene when he observed the suspect enter the patrol vehicle and drive away. Sgt. Burnes pursued the suspect in Officer Hoverís patrol vehicle approximately 1/2 mile until the suspect in the patrol vehicle became stuck in a rain flooded field. The suspect then fled from the car on foot. Sgt. Burnes chased the suspect on foot approximately 100 yards and was able to apprehend and place the suspect under arrest.

SUSPECT: Micah Dean Sheer, white male, DOB: 12.25.81

CHARGES: Burglary

Theft of Motor Vehicle

Interference with Government Property

Theft (Firearm)

Theft (Cellular Phone)

Obstruction of Police Officers (Misdemeanor)

Fleeing and Attempting to Elude Officers

Reckless Driving

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