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Fatal Armuchee Shooting & West Rome Shooting Injury

The Floyd 911 audio from the fatal Armuchee shooting and West Rome shooting injury has been released after an investigation into improper procedure by a 911 operator. According to Floyd 911 Director Patricia Smith, the Floyd 911 dispatcher did not follow standard procedure in sending police to a recent shooting and has been demoted and suspended for two weeks without pay. The 911 audio below provides a complete perspective of the entire situation from all emergency agencies involved. Scroll down for more info.

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911 Call from Old Dalton Rd Address
911 Call from E Clinton Address
Two Frantic E Clinton Neighbors Call for Help 
Floyd County Police Radio Traffic
Rome City Police Radio Traffic
Floyd Sheriff's Radio Traffic
EMS Radio Traffic
Rescue Radio Traffic

Robert Timothy Spriggs, wanted for the fatal shooting in Armuchee and additional shooting in W Rome was voluntarily taken into custody. View exclusive video above from the scene of the second shooting and the suspect in custody after surrendering to police. A shooting was reported in the 4000 block of Old Dalton Rd Tuesday afternoon. The suspect fled the scene and was believed to be en route to a house on E Clinton Dr in W Rome off Burnett Ferry Rd where an ex-girlfriend was reported to have been located. Within 15-20 minutes of the first reported shooting death on Old Dalton Rd, another person was said to have been shot at the E Clinton location. Police swarmed the area mobilizing a manhunt in the surrounding woods while a SWAT team cleared the house on E Clinton Dr making sure the suspect wasn't inside. The suspect later surrendered to police and is now in the Floyd County Jail. More info >> RNT

Floyd 911 Response Procedure Investigation

PRESS RELEASE: The Floyd County Board of Commissioners and Manager's Office have received a complaint about the timeline of events and actions that occurred during the November 17, 2009 shooting incident by responding agencies.

Based on the complaint, the agencies involved have requested that an internal investigation be conducted of the handling of the incident to make sure proper policies and procedures were followed.

As a result of the request, County Manager Kevin Poe has authorized the investigation. The Floyd County Police Department will be the lead agency in the investigation. If needed, outside agencies will be called in to assist.

When the investigation is completed, the County will review the finding of the investigation and make a determination as to whether additional action should be taken.

PRESS RELEASE: The internal investigation into the public safety response related to the shootings that occurred on November 17, 2009 has been completed. The findings of this investigation reveal that the E911 Operator did not follow standard operating procedure when the Operator failed to dispatch the City of Rome Police Department to the East Clinton address where one of the victims and other individuals were located. The investigation results are being provided to the E911 Director, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken after the Director has had an opportunity to fully review the investigative report and meet with the dispatcher involved in this situation. A copy of the Internal Investigation Report is available upon request from the County Manager's Office.


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