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911 Calls - Depicting Possible Mental State of Huckleberry Ridge Shooter

Rome, Ga. Below are audio files of calls made to 911 by the Huckleberry Ridge shooter's father about a year ago. Then another with the son as he speaks of his suspicions that the CIA is trying to kill him. He believes that around $900 is missing from his bank account due to the CIA. These calls indicated what state of mind the shooter may have been in then and possibly at the time of the shootings this past Sunday.

 Click here for 8.27.06 - 23:49 p.m. (father)
 Click here for 8.27.06 - 23:59 p.m. (son)
 Click here for 8.28.06 - 00:11 a.m. (911 leaving message)
 Click here for 8.28.06 - 00:20 a.m. (father)


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