Click here (IE ONLY) to make make RFN your homepage. Welcome to - When news is breaking, count on RFN for complete video coverage of the event in the Rome & Floyd County area. provides LIVE (on location) coverage for PC & Mobile users & is currently the ONLY local provider of LIVE and on-demand video on a regular basis viewable on PCs & most mobile devices. That's right, LIVE video delivered to your mobile device & because it is true streaming content there is nothing to download & therefore has no wait time! If you can't watch it live, RFN video is always available on-demand via PC or mobile device at RealFastNews.MOBi anytime. is designed for fast loading & low navigation time to view featured content. Simply choose & click on any video selection & the video will load & play. Scroll down for a local media comparison chart. Thanks for visiting.

The RFN crew has experience shooting news content for broadcast & cable networks such as CNN, FOX News Channel, ABC News, CBS News, WSB, CBS Atlanta, Fox5 Atlanta, 11 Alive, Weather Channel, CSTV, Univision, etc. & shooting reality television along with providing production services for A&E, Discovery Networks (TLC & Discovery Health), MTV, Fine Living, tru TV (formerly Court TV), etc..

NOTE: When you see RFN content on an Atlanta News station, other regional stations or on national cable or broadcast networks, that video was purchased & licensed for a considerable amount & NOT provided for FREE like from other fame-seeking Rome media that give it away to get a thrill from seeing their names on tv and/or brag about it on the golf course or at social events. Unfortunately, the industry has degraded to a point where most local stations & national networks will take most anything for free & provide a worthless screen credit for "compensation" but thankfully they do still pay for quality. Quality video can be open to interpretation but is generally described as video that is NOT strobic, badly framed, blurry, shaky, horizontal, inverted - that's right, >> HORIZONTAL, >> INVERTED, blue, green, red, wavy, dark, blown out, backlit, blank (no video!) with missing, distorted or no audio. Not just a few, but most of those conditions will be present in other local video "producers'" content.  Hint: newspaper video


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