This feature is OPTIONAL so there is NO obligation to check the e-mail forwarding verification box and NO additional information is gathered by RFN from you doing so. 

If you CURRENTLY receive RFN mobile alerts by text, do NOT check the e-mail forwarding verification box.

See important and easy to understand info about differences in text message and e-mail forwarding delivery times below.

RFN ocassionally sends out mobile-specific, time sensitive alerts that could only benefit you if you were on the go or just heading out such as, but not limited to, significant violent crimes that you may be near at that moment like an armed robbery, long traffic delays, school lockdowns, severe weather events, etc.. Don't worry though, mobile-specific alerts will NOT be sent for common, everyday incidents. Alerts will only be sent for situations that could possibly save your life or help prevent significant delays in your schedule or travel time through the city or county.

If you want to receive RFN mobile-specific alerts on your mobile device but you don't use text messaging, don't want to use up your text message plan OR you just don't want to provide your mobile number for whatever reason, this forwarding feature is the solution. So what is the difference and/or advantage between text message and e-mail forwarded alerts? This RFN forwarding feature/option is a great alternative to text messaging for mobile-specific alert delivery. However, because RFN mobile-specific alerts are typically time sensitive and may not be as useful minutes or more later, text messages are more efficient because they are consistently delivered faster than forwarded e-mail on most mobile device platforms. See why in last paragraph below.

NOTE: You will NOT receive mobile-specific alerts if you either do not provide a mobile number for text delivery OR if you DO provide a standard e-mail but do NOT check the e-mail forwarding verification box (if applicable).

If you are NOT providing a standard e-mail to receive RFN alerts, do NOT check the e-mail forwarding verification box.

If you do NOT access your standard e-mail on your mobile device at all, do NOT check the e-mail forwarding verification box.

This feature only applies if you are providing RFN with a standard e-mail that is also directly accessible on your mobile device.

Unless you have a Blackberry mobile device, the quickest way to receive mobile messages on other devices is by text. So, if you don't have a mobile device that provides realtime e-mail delivery like a Blackberry and you absolutely want your RFN alerts delivered NOW, text message delivery is the best choice until your provider upgrades to realtime mobile e-mail delivery. Most new phones allow e-mail to be accessed or delivered directly to your mobile device by interfacing with your e-mail service provider. However, not all mobile devices provide realtime e-mail delivery like a Blackberry device. Blackberry service has dedicated mail servers that provide what is called "pushed" content that delivers e-mail messages immediately. Other e-mail providers may follow the Blackberry model in the future, but for now, most other mobile devices allow access to e-mail accounts only checking their mail servers every fifteen minutes for new messages. You could get lucky and hit near or at the end of that window and experience a quick message delivery, otherwise it would be delivered somewhere within that fifteen minute window depending on when and how often you check for new messages in your mobile inbox.